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For......Travel, Training and Tour plans - specializing in......... Soccer, Ice Hockey & Basketball.

Sports based travel is a means to not only participate in an activity one enjoys and loves
but, also encompasses the desire to see the world, meet new people and experience the
many different cultures and languages.

TOURNAMENTIME can help your group organize it's travel, coordinate your sporting activity participation and, will do our best to help ensure that your trip is one to remember.

TOURNAMENTIME specializes in soccer & also arranges travel and participation in such other sports as ice hockey, basketball, cricket and volleyball around the world. Contact us for further information as to how we can be of service to you & your team/group or organisation.


Contact us for information about participation in

norway cup 2009

If your team or group is visiting Canada in the Greater Toronto Region then
Contact Shelley Crawford at email:  Tel: 647-300-4098
for her assistance to make your stay remarkable through My Toronto Visit .

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